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Svein Kalmar

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User profile migration - Copy local user account - Copy User profile - with migration of Office settings

Questions on Migration of users, user profiles and User application settings:

We have a small CO merging into ours and need the local user accounts from their PC's merged into our AD.
More specificaly wee need the contents AND application settings integrated with their new AD account profile!

Also there is an issue as they run Office 2013 and we run Office 2016! And YES we need their settings, macros etc to migrate!!

It would also be nice with some tool for every day handling, backup and restore, of profiles when we reinstall or replace a PC.
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Forensit is a fairly well known tool for this.

Please let us know.
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Svein Kalmar


Tried forensits profile wizard a while back and after migration Office is NOT migrated from 13 to 16 and Outlook could not start.
Neither Edge favorites or Sticky Notes are anywhere to be seen.

It seems to like TransWiz just copies everything over, including a lot of temp file crap..

I can do that with Robocopy but to me that is not migration :-/
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Frank B Hartmann

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THX Frank
Especially this thread was in depth informative
I see why you fell for this tool

USMT rocks and it's really, really easy with the GUI.
Luckily I have an XML nerd in my department and he is thrilled as he can tweak this more or less any way he likes.
Hopefully we will get UPC approved next week. (We need some ports opened apparently)