Need help configuring email to work with Mantis Bug Tracker

maximus1974 used Ask the Experts™
Need help configuring email to work with Mantis Bug Tracker. I have configured it according to the instructions provided by the vendor. I have attached a screenshot of the config_inc.php. All login info defined is correct. The issue is nothing happens. Nothing is triggering an email.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Are you trying this locally (on your computer wamp or xamp)?
because you won't be able to make this work locally you need to set a mail server on your computer to make this work.

If you are testing this online then open a ticket to your web hosting provider as it should work

Why have you commented the latest 3 options? You can remove the comment #

Also check Mantis settings as you can enable / disable email notification
Manage -> Manage Configuration -> Email Notification.    
Check(Select Check box) message types depending on access level -> Click on Update Configuration button.


Hi lenamtl, thank you for your response. Please see attached screenshot. Email notifications is blank.

first check the config file config_inc.php

email_notification flag may have single quotes around 'ON' instead of simply ON that should fix the problem.

or something is wrong with your installation, could you try to reinstall, check if you are running the latest version and check the minimum requirements (PHP version) with your hosting company to make sure.
have you contacted your hosting company ?
Always do a full backup DB and script prior..

also you can check if there is any error in PHP logs and right click inspect the page to see if there is any error in console using Chrome

Using the latest version may fix the problem too...

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