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Can't open up gmail account

Will Schmidt
Will Schmidt asked
I have a customer that is trying to excess her gmail account but after putting in her email and password it starts to load and then closes back out an brings up the error "can't sync gmail account"  Connection failed (Error -111)
How do I resolve this issue?
this is on a desktop computer running windows 10
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Distinguished Expert 2019
Which browser is it? And is it totally update to date? You may also want to be sure that it's set to use the proper versions of TLS.


Hello, My customer went on an trip and just got back so I had to put this on hold till then.  
they are using google chrome.  I updated it to the latest update and it is still giving the same issue.


When trying to pull up the email and trying to excess her account it starts to open up and then on the bottom it says "waiting for proxy tunnel..."  She has American Family Online filter installed on her computer.  Do you think that may be causing the issue?


Thanks for helping with this issue.  This is an old session and I am sure I had closed this out long ago but am attempting to close it again.

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