DNS registration of Clustered resources

We are looking to enable DNS scavenging, however prior to this we need to make sure that all DNS entries for our servers are dynamically registering their DNS correctly.  I have found that Cluster Resources registering in DNS dynamically (automatically) does not occur every 2hrs as we'd like to see.

I've found this article "https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/clustering/2009/07/17/dns-registration-with-the-network-name-resource/" for 2008 R2 that states it registers daily (not hourly), but I cannot locate anything on how 2012 or 2016 behaves.

Can anybody tell me, or better yet provide any links, that state the 2012/2016 cluster resources register daily as well?
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only domain controllers SRV \ GC etc records get registered dynamically, that also get refreshed every 24 hrs and not every two hours

any other member server OS with static IP addresses do not dynamically update their records, only client computers does that to get time stamp record
same thing is applied to CNO as well and I believe its not changed for 2012 / 2016 servers as well
jmachado81Author Commented:
@Mahesh - I may be misunderstanding you but I have dozens of windows servers with a static IP and DNS IPs configured, that automatically register with a DNS server including a date/time stamp.  I even have cluster members that will automatically update DNS records.  This configuration could be as a result of a GPO (which I'm not  aware of), but this still leaves Cluster Resources that only update daily.
Yes, you are right, only domain controllers IP addresses have static host (A) records
Member Servers would steel have dynamically update (Refresh) records though they are having static public IP addresses
No GPO is required for that, that is default behaviour for AD integrated dns zone which is also set to update dynamically
These records for servers should get updated every 24 HRS and same would apply to cluster CNO as well
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jmachado81Author Commented:
They have configured member servers to refresh records every 2hrs, but cluster CNO is still 24hrs.  Do you know of any settings internal to clusters or GPOs that would force CNOs to refresh every x hours instead of daily?
how you configured it to refresh every two hours?

through scavenging on zone?

There is also no refresh interval available with scavenging which is the period where record cannot get updated / refreshed, have you factored that as well?
further above setting is meant for zone so that it will give that much of time for record to refresh its time stamp
but it not mean that record must be updated every two hours, that settings forces to record to update within 2 hours if record wanted to refresh its timestamp

by default record will update in 24 HRS
check below link
There is registry available on servers you can twick to make this refresh faster, but I would not recommend that

And finally what you would achieve by settings up to refresh cno every two hours?

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jmachado81Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay.  I understand your concerns but the decisions are simply out of my hands and our DNS team is enabling Scavenging on DNS zones to be every 8hrs to match a standard lease time.  Having them update every 2hrs would prevent them from being removed while not having to create static DNS entries.

From that article simply adding the below key would change the DNS Updating to two hours.  Does this still apply to 2012/2016 server cluster resources?

Value=7200  (2hrs)
Yes, you can add that on cluster servers
It will still applies to 2012/2016
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