ASA 5525-X missing FIREWALL command; can't configure IP on interfaces

Mike Howard
Mike Howard used Ask the Experts™
ASA 5525-X with ASA5525 VPN Premium license.  

When I log on via console I am not able to do basic functions like name an interface or assign an IP address.  Example from interface management 0/0:

host# conf t
host(config)# int management 0/0
host(config-if)# ?

Interface configuration commands:
  channel-group    Etherchannel/port bundling configuration
  default                 Set a command to its defaults
  description          Interface specific description
  duplex                  Configure duplex operation
  exit                       Exit from interface configuration mode
  flowcontrol         Configure flowcontrol operation
  help                      Interactive help for interface subcommands
  lacp                      LACP interface subcommands
  no                        Negate a command or set its defaults
  shutdown          Shutdown the selected interface
  speed                 Configure speed operation

Same options on all interfaces.

It feels like the thing is in transparent mode, but there is no firewall command in config mode.

Code version: 9.8(1)
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Had to set mode to single.  Not sure why it would be set to multiple out of the box.

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