Connect to MySQL using pymysql and  login-path that was setup with mysql_config_editor

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When using pymysql, is there a way to connect to MySQL database using a login-path created with mysql_config_editor?
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David FavorFractional CTO
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So pymysql is just a pure Python MySQL/MariaDB client.

You connect the same way you'd connect using the native mysql client (user/pass or passing a defaults file which includes user/pass).

Keep in mind, depending on type of work you're doing, pymysql can be orders of magnitude slower than mysql.

Also pymysql will have subtle differences from the native mysql client which will be maddening to try + figure out.

Likely best to stick with the native mysql client, unless you just have time to burn tracking down weird problems.
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Based on a brief review of the code, I'm going with "no".  The code has no support for saved credentials, and in fact handles the raw socket communication with MySQL itself.  Since it is not using the mysql command line client, you would have to implement the credential read yourself.


Thank you!

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