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SUBTOTAL in Excel using VBA


Trying to enter a formula =SUBTOTAL(109,[BookCreditAmount])[/u]), using VBA.

Tried the following, (and more), and it doesn't work.

'    Range("O" & lRowDump + 1, "O" & lRowDump + 1).Formula = "=SUBTOTAL(109,[BookCreditAmount])"
'    Selection.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUBTOTAL(109,[BookCreditAmount])"
'    Range("N" & lRowDump + 1, "N" & lRowDump + 1).Formula = "=SUBTOTAL(109,[BookDebitAmount])"
'    Range("N" & lRowDump + 1, "N" & lRowDump + 1).Select
'    Selection.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUBTOTAL(109,[BookDebitAmount])"
'    ActiveCell.Formula = "=SUBTOTAL(109,[BookCreditAmount])"

Your help is appreciated.
Thank you.
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What is [BookCreditAmount] supposed to refer to?

If it's a field/column in a table then you would also need the table name.
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Wouldn't it be simpler to use an Excel Table with the Totals feature, no VBA required.

Overview of Excel tables
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No it wouldn't be simpler.

I should provide more information. Sorry.
The data comes through ODBC from a SQL database view per accounting period. The [BookCreditAmount] is the header name of the column in the SQL query 'dump'. There is [BookDebitAmount] as well.
I don't know how to remove this column naming by ODBC from Excel 2013 / 2016. Honestly it drives me bananas.
So, the formula has to be entered each time the data is refreshed by changes in accounting period, company or account number.

I'll try Norie's and Neeraj's suggestion since this is a 'table'.
I let Excel to enter the sum formula on top of the column and this is what it gave me:

Do you know if the query (table name) is hard coded into to spreadsheet? I hope the name will not change.
But I guess I can insert a name each time right after refresh.

Thank you.
Thank you. It worked.
You don't give points anymore?
You're welcome!
Yes, the points system has been changed. Now you get a slider to award the bonus points.
This adds subtotals to a Table(ListObject). When I use it remembers the previous settings for the Table totals.

ActiveSheet.ListObjects(1).ShowTotals = True

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Thank you Roy, I will try that later. For now this task is done.

I added a few lines to delete the formula at the end, and enter it again with each new dump.
It works and they can reconcile transactions.