Computer Server room SOUND device -- email when over certain decibel level ?

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What device do you recommend that can email me when my server room's SOUND get above a certain decibel level ?
  ** Maybe something like, etc ?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

300 bucks for the example unit seems a bit high (257 for the unit, 25 for the AC adapter.)

Is this project being done on the cheap?  In that case, get a Raspberry Pi, plug in a microphone shield, connect it to your network and have it send an email out when the averaged noise over some period exceeds the limit.  That's probably what is inside that box in any case.
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Or even cheaper, an ESP8266 (or similar chip/dev board)

This is my article using Arduino with sensors to ThingSpeak. might be a good option too.

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