Nutanix viability?

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Apologies if I'm out-of-line posting this kind of question... and I looked in EE to see if I could find a "Community" forum for off-the-wall discussions... (There used to be one, yes?)

But my question relates to investing in NTNX stock.  Cheerleaders of it say that it'll be huge - but I can barely even find out what they do, aside from the bland descriptions relating to simplifying cloud deployments... Is it a platform like AWS or Azure?  How is it so revolutionary?  Has it got a solid future?

Please feel free to point me to another forum if needed... just not sure where to start here with this question... or whether to pursue it at all on EE.

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Nutanix is a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) vendor.

Their HCI platform is hypervisor agnostic meaning it can run Hyper-V, VMware, or their own hypervisor.

They have a number of key features that many of the others do not.

When one looks at the HCI market, Nutanix is probably one of the key players in that field.

As with anything in tech, they may be here in a year or five or they may not. ;)


Thanks... the stock price has dropped significantly in the last two weeks despite some strong numbers... maybe the analysts just don't know... or maybe they do.  Right?  :)

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