sql query to unpivot

Here is some sample data from a sql server 2012 table

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[progressive](
	[Bank] [varchar](255) NULL,
	[MachineNumber] [float] NULL,
	[ProgressiveDescription] [varchar](255) NULL,
	[ProgressiveType] [varchar](255) NULL,
	[Level1Name] [varchar](255) NULL,
	[Level2Name] [varchar](255) NULL,
	[Level3Name] [varchar](255) NULL,
	[TotalReset] [float] NULL,
	[Level1Reset] [money] NULL,
	[Level2Reset] [money] NULL,
	[Level3Reset] [money] NULL,
	[TotalRate] [float] NULL,
	[Level1Rate] [float] NULL,
	[Level2Rate] [float] NULL,
	[Level3Rate] [float] NULL,
	[EmbedType] [char](1) NULL


INSERT [dbo].[progressive] ([Bank], [MachineNumber], [ProgressiveDescription], [ProgressiveType], [Level1Name], [Level2Name], [Level3Name], [TotalReset], [Level1Reset], [Level2Reset], [Level3Reset], [TotalRate], [Level1Rate], [Level2Rate], [Level3Rate], [EmbedType]) VALUES (N'0106', 11423, N'88 FORTUNES', N'Linked', N'Grand', N'Major', N'Minor', 1835, 1000.0000, 800.0000, 25.0000, 2.35, 0.4, 0.3, 0.65, N'1')

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Each row has information for 3 levels

Bank	Number	  Description	       Type  	Lev1Name	Lev2Name	Lev3Name	Lev1Reset	Lev2Reset	Lev3Reset	Lev1Rate	Lev2Rate	Lev3Rate	EmbedType
106	      11423	88 FORTUNES	Linked	Grand	       Major	       Minor	        1000	        800            	25	                0.4            	0.3	                0.65	                1

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Trying to write a query that will return 3 rows for each machine with each of the 3 rows containing level info

Bank      Number        Description             Type        LevName      LevReset       LevRate         EmbedType
106            11423      88 FORTUNES      Linked      Grand              1000              .4                       1
106            11423      88 FORTUNES      Linked      Major              800                      .3                       1
106            11423      88 FORTUNES      Linked      Minor              25                      .65                       1

Perhaps unpivot ????
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Not sure if this works in Excel/Office, it does in SQL Server

There is an efficient technique that unpivots, without using that word.
See Unpivotting by CROSS APPLY and VALUES
and Spotlight on UNPIVOT, Part 1  

       p.Bank, p.ProgressiveDescription, p.ProgressiveType, p.EmbedType
     , ca.Type, ca.LevName, ca.LevReset, ca.LevRate
from progressive p
cross apply (
        ('lvl1', p.Level1Name, p.Level1Reset, p.Level1Rate)
      , ('lvl2', p.Level2Name, p.Level2Reset, p.Level2Rate)
      , ('lvl3', p.Level3Name, p.Level3Reset, p.Level3Rate)
    ) ca (Type, LevName, LevReset, LevRate)         -- << column aliases defined here

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see it working here: http://rextester.com/OCT63934

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johnnyg123Author Commented:
Perfect...thanks for the links as well!

thank you!
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