Can't Copy, Access is denied

victor2008 used Ask the Experts™
I can't copy some files from a server folder to another server folder in W2K12. I receive ": Access is denied". I've tried taking ownership, using other tools. Any recommendations?
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Are those files encrypted by EFS or something? are those showing green in colour? in any case if they are encrypted you need to decrypt first


It doesn't look to be encrypted.
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On Server A, make a folder C:\temp.  Provide proper access to this folder.

Copy the files on Server A to C:\temp.

Now go to Server B and get the files from Server A C:\temp

See if that works.
Jess DodsonWindows System Administrator
It sounds like you're trying to copy into a restricted folder that may require user account control.

Similar to what John said, either create a new folder and copy it into that or copy it into your users documents/downloads/desktop folder as a first stop. From there, you'll be able to copy it to the folder you need to copy it in to.

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