Require the ability to view/play mp4 training videos, yet prevent a copy.

I have an interesting one.  A client created a number of training videos for employees, and he wants a way to prevent the users from copying the files period .  They are mp4 format files, so the users will need to play them, which my understanding via NTFS a read right includes copy.   Might this be a job for AD RMS?  Does installing it compromise or change the security on anything else on the box, that is, if it is a good choice, or can you simply point it to a/the training share?

Another option could be to leave the videos on external usb drives, if again there is a way to protect them from copying, but they are portable and therefore "could" disappear.
Thoughts ideas?  DC 2012, File server 2016.
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
There is no way to do this... Even if you stream the data..

There are browser plugins that allow scraping streams now.

Also, if the .mp4 is hosted almost any where as non-streaming there are many scrapers.

Tip: If you can play/see it, you can copy it. Zero chance of preventing this.
Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
I thought of perhaps using a "dongle type" technology to restrict the viewing of the video, where it won't play without a dongle, but then it would have to be in a proprietary type format (not mp4) and I can still think of ways they could be copied once unlocked.

Another option could be to leave the videos on external usb drives, if again there is a way to protect them from copying, but they are portable and therefore "could" disappear.

No, because there's nothing to stop a viewer from using software to capture what's being shown on screen during viewing. Even if there was, how would you stop someone from just capturing the video and audio using something like their mobile phone?

Have to agree with David Favor here. Just isn't possible.
Sometimes the best solutions cost $ . Only your client knows what that protection is worth. You could contact these folks and give them some info; maybe setup a demo with you or you and your client:  I'm sure they have competition in this niche.
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"way to prevent the users from copying the files period"  - copying where to? If you are trying to keep the files within company limits, then yes, ADRMS is made for that. If you are trying to just allow streaming but not allow downloading to company-owned devices, then ADRMS is not the solution but rather some smart streaming setup (which is not my expertise, but it will surely exist).
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
"If you can see it, you can scrape it."
LICOMPGUYAuthor Commented:
I did have a somewhat obscure third-party application that ran as a service, that was hidden and it actually worked but it was such a mess, would not go back there.  That is the only thing I can think of.
Thanks guys!

I just wanted to see if there was something else at all that I am not thinking of.
Anyone else?

LICOMPGUYAuthor Commented:

Okay got it, in case you need something like this.  I did do it before. a company called Bystorm software writes an application, that allows you to lock down file copies etc.   We can secure it further by doing one of two things.
1. Do a dedicated training machine.
2. Via RDP to a VM or dedicated machine and stream from it to the users desktop via RDP, however, would have to test how the MP4's view because it could be choppy or pixilated.


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probably defeats that if a viewer is intent on getting it
LICOMPGUYAuthor Commented:
Agreed - as would a cellphone!  You can only do so much
Thank you!
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