HP blade chassies system profile and Interconnect modules

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I have a HP blade chassies with two interconnect modules in it. There are some VLANs created and some system profile for blades located in the chassis.Six  Network Logical cards are created.
I am trying to understand how the whole thing is configured and I am looking for any good explanation or article how blades and interconnect modules are configured. We do not use SAN, so only network part, plans, logical nic card, how logical cards are mapped to physical card. Blades have vmware installed on them. How to know which logical NIC is connected to which physical NIC and interconnect so I can create proper configuration in VMWare ESXi servers.
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The blade chassis is passive since if it had electronics on it it would be a major single point of failure*, the Virtual Connect modules in the I/O bays combined with the flex-NICs on the blades provide the network traffic management. The flex-NICs split one physical network port into four virtual ones using a proprietary tagging system and the ASICs in the VC modules direct that traffic to the external ports. VLAN tagging is supported but that sits on top of HPE's own tagging which is invisible to the user. Although the VC modules behave a bit like switches they are not switches, they just shape the traffic and do not understand switch protocols such as spanning tree. The server profiles are stored and configured on the VC modules.

That's a brief overview, for an in-depth understanding of how it can be configured you will have to read through the "virtual connect cookbook" h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c05132897-3.pdf (various versions but cookbook is the key word to Google for)

*There is actually a serial number chip on the midplane but it is not in the data path and the chassis still works if that chip fails.


thank you for the information.
Could you tell me if I want to create an ethernet network(VLAN), should I have to create in both interconnect modules.

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