Select Precedence in Cisco Qos

Precedence in Cisco Qos:

in QoS Precedence, there is a list of precedence settings as shown, below.. I would like to know in which case should I select which precedence in the list..
For instance , in case of Voice, or Video, or specific protocol HTTP or HTTPS or FTP or TELNET or SSH, etc how  would I know which on this list to select ?

Thank you

R2(config-pmap-c)#set precedence ?
  <0-7>           Precedence value
  cos             Set packet precedence from L2 cos.
  critical        Match packets with critical precedence (5)
  flash           Match packets with flash precedence (3)
  flash-override  Match packets with flash override precedence (4)
  immediate       Match packets with immediate precedence (2)
  internet        Match packets with internetwork control precedence (6)
  network         Match Packets with network control precedence (7)
  priority        Match packets with priority precedence (1)
  qos-group       Set packet precedence from QoS Group.
  routine         Match packets with routine precedence (0)
  tunnel          Set tunnel packet precedence

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There is no one size fits all for QoS, but general guidance can be found in documentation, for example, - Enterprise QoS Solution Reference Network Design Guide:
QoS - IP presedenceIn the table above:
Voice and video are easy to spot
Management network (or interactive) = ssh, telnet
Transactional data = SQL, SAP, Oracle
Bulk or Best-effort  = FTP, HTTP, HTTPS

You can find much more details in article.

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jskfanAuthor Commented:
Thank you..I ill check that link
You're welcome.
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