photoshop elements for Mac trouble sending photo attachments

craig used Ask the Experts™
I have photoshop elements along with outlook 2016 for Mac.  In preferences, set Outlook as the email client.
Share - next - and then it should launch an email dialog box with attachment.  However, it just closes.

Same happens when choosing PDF.

Works fine with Mail.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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What closes? Does Outlook even launch, or is it already running when you do this?

On the Adobe forum, there was a similar problem using Office 365 Outlook.  The user had to manually edit the mail,account info in Outlook and confirm it can send an email correctly. They also discovered that if the address book is empty, it causes an error that stops everything.

Make sure you set up Outlook mail and confirm it works. Add an address book entry.

Now try sending a photo.


No email client works except Apple Mail. Outlook NG. Manual config... NG. Outlook is configured properly. I see the same issues with Photos and no bridge to Outlook. I believe Apple abandoned this feature?
I would not be surprised. Little things like this have been disappearing from MacOS over the last few years. Let me try it in Photoshop CS6 tomorrow and see if I can get it to work.

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