can I have .htaccess on shared linux server

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If you mean what I think you do, you can set up a .htaccess file to do this. In there, you can create a rule to redirect users to a specific url. So, if they type in it will redirect to

can I do this with my server
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Almost every shared server system allows access to .htaccess files.

Likely you'll access your .htaccess through SFTP.

Note: Best to first make a backup copy, before making changes as any minor .htaccess syntax error in the site's DocumentRoot, will take down entire site... meaning... entire site will throw a 500 Internal Server error.
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can I do this with my server

If the server is Apache or Apache-based, yes.

However, for a rule that is to be applied on all URLs, it is (imo) better to apply it in httpd.conf, not in .htaccess.



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