copy photo's from Mac to an external drive and preserve the original date and time created


How can I copy photo's from Mac to an external drive and preserve the original date and time created.

I have tied copy and paste, export and drag and drop.

but none of these preserve the date and time when photo was taken.

Thanks Terry
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
coping files directly using Finder app of Mac will keep the creation date for the files.

import and export (from Photos) will definitely change the file creation date as it basically rewrite (regenerate) the whole files.
terrybuck9Author Commented:
Hi thanks for comment.

Yes I am sure I did it that way last time. But how do I get to my photos folder. As when I click it, it opens photos.

Thanks Terry
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
i just realised that your "photos" in the question actually means photos already managed by Apple Photo app, not those photo files stored on local folders. correct?
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terrybuck9Author Commented:
If you do a standard windows drag and drop, the folder time stamp will update to the current time as each new file is copied into it.  You will need to use software that mirrors or syncs the time stamps.  There's the built-in unix command rsync that will set the time for you.

Open terminal.
rsync -a "~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/"  "/Volumes/ExternalDiskNamel/SharedFolder/Photos Library.photoslibrary"
rsync -a "~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/"  "/Volumes/ExternalDiskNamel/SharedFolder/Photos Library.photoslibrary"

Be sure to close your Photos and run the rsync command twice.  The first pass will copy the files and set the time stamps.  The 2nd pass will set the folder time times back to the original.  You need the 2nd pass, because the first pass of file copies will update the folder time stamps to the time of the copy.

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terrybuck9Author Commented:
Hi Serialband

Thanks for this routine, it took me a while getting the paths correct, but I got there.

But this just copies the photo library as it is?  The reason for copying the photos to a remote disk was so that they could be accessed by windows users?  So I need to see all photos individually.

thanks Terry
The Photos Library has the individual Pictures inside.  It's sorted by year, month date folders in the Masters directory.
terrybuck9Author Commented:
thank you that worked a treat.
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