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when I try to search for something that I know it is in a specific word document. That item does not show up in results . I search from start menu. Can someone please help me?
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAsked:
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
i think you are referring to a Windows computer and you want to find out a Word document that you believe is located on the local drive.

if yes, please open a Command Prompt window, then run below command to search through the whole local drive.

DIR *abcd*.doc* /A/S/P

where abcd is a known part of the file's filename.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
For Search, when you click on it, have you set it for Documents?  There is Web, Apps and Documents. Set for Documents.

Indexing:  Look in Control Panel, Indexing Options, and see in the Location screen if you have selected the location you are searching in. Users should be selected because Documents live in Users.  If you change things, rebuild the index in Advanced settings.

For "random items".  If you wish to search anywhere on your computer, use Windows Explorer instead. Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder you know has the documents, and then top right search window, enter your search terms here. There is an advanced search if you need it.

Good luck with the above approaches.
If that doesn't work out, consider a 3rd party search product. I prefer agent ransack, which is free for non-commercial usage.
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Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Hi John

You are a genius my friend! I still would like to know how can you set the search to ALWAYS look things everywhere on my PC? Is that possible? Instead of having to choose documents then to enter what am I looking for on that document.
Meaning if I enter a name of a document say Experts Exchange in search field it will show up without me choosing document. But if I want to look for something inside that documents OFFICE 365 then it does not show up until I choose documents.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
That is because you are looking for something in Documents and so you need to choose that.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:

One more thing. Does documents in the search box refers to pictures, music, videos and documents as well? the reason I am asking, when I went to the indexing options I saw that there is documents and pictures selected but no where to be found videos or music even when you go to modify.

Thank you
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
"Documents" setting in the Search box will find all files of all kinds within the search scope, or files with the Content selected in advanced search options (nominally Word, Excel and like files).
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
so there is no way to set search box to look everywhere on my PC without having to select document. Also please reply to my previous question.

"Does documents in the search box refers to pictures, music, videos and documents as well"? I have a specific video with a name "Danny Oreo" it's in my family videos older, but lets say I remember a video name but i can't remember where it is located on my PC. How do I do that?

Lastly, in my previous question too I asked "when I went to the indexing options I saw that there is documents and pictures selected but nowhere to be found videos or music even when you go to modify.

Please reply . Thank you John.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
My prior comment more or less answers your question:  Search Documents will find ALL files of ALL  kinds within the search scope.

All the items you listed are in USERS and that is in your location settings and so search scope.

Finally you must select Documents or Web will be searched as well.

I trust this helps.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
I am sorry to bother you john. But why Can't I find a video that I know it's in a video folder when I search for it in search box. You don't have to answer. But that's what I am trying to find out. Thank you anyway.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Look in your User profile. C:\Users\Basem (or correct user profile) using Windows Explorer.

Music, Pictures and Videos should be in there.

Are these folders in Users?  If so and if in Index Locations, then Search Documents will find the filenames you specify.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Yes they are. The only thing is that they are all empty because the location was moved to the D Drive.
Again: Give that program "agent ransack" a try. It truly finds things, while windows search had often let me down for one reason or the other.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The only thing is that they are all empty because the location was moved to the D Drive.

This is not really a search issue and goes back to the machine that you were going to reinstall Windows and fix portioning.
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