Use Switch in the place of TRUNK link between router and server

I have the topology (upper one in the figure below) where an ESX is directly connected to a Cisco Router. And the link between the two, is TRUNK link handling three VLANs.

I would like to use a Cisco switch c2960 between the router and the ESX server to connect other servers to one of the VLANs.  (lower one in the figure above)
Configuring the ports of the Cisco switch as trunk ports didn't help.
I would like to know what i should do to make everything work correctly.
Thank you.
Lotfi BOUCHERITSystem administratorAsked:
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Configuring the ports of the Cisco switch as trunk ports didn't help
Configure port as trunk and create necessary VLANs on switch.
conf t
vlan 54
 name SERVER
vlan 56
vlan 57
 Name Something_ELSE
interface gi1/0/x
 description router
 switchport mode trunk
interface gi1/0/y
 desc server
 switchport mode trunk

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Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
select the interface on the cisco switch ie Fe24

configure port 24

first clear configuration on the port 24


default interface gigabitEthernet 0/24

switch port mode trunk

switchport trunk native vlan 1

save the configuration on the switch

now go the Virtualswitch settings


Network Lable   Vlan1 - notagginetwork
VlandID         None(0)

next - finish

create all other vlans as well on the Virtualswitch settings one by one

Network Lable   Vlan54
VlandID         54

next - finish

Network Lable   Vlan56
VlandID         56

next - finish

Network Lable   Vlan57
VlandID         57

next - finish

thats it

all the best
My first question would be what does the router do? Does it provide internet access or is it actually a firewall?
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Lotfi BOUCHERITSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
hello thank you all for your answers.
for Mr JustinCase and Mr Sajid, the esx server does have vmswitches already configured with appropriate 802.11q vlan ids, and router is used for internet connection through leased line and we have a pool of public ip addresses.
and the vm in esx server is ms tmg 2010 firewall and there's static natting between router and tmg.
my objective is to replace the obsolete firewall by another one. so we decided to use this topology as solution for transition. between the two firewalls.
The way I configured it above you are getting extension of L2 broadcast domains - It is actually the same as you added extension cable to already existing cable. You must configure all VLANs that are already configured so switch can accept all needed tagged frames, if you don't configure all needed VLANs on switch, in that case, traffic for all VLANs that are not configured on switch will be silently dropped (sure, port too need to be configured as trunk and all VLANs that need to be forwarded need to be allowed on trunk port (by default all VLANs that are configured on switch).
Lotfi BOUCHERITSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
I did it yesterday, and worked like a charm.
What i did, or what i missed and figured out from your post, is creating VLANs in the switch and it worked fine. (at least this step)
Thank you for your help.
You're welcome
Lotfi BOUCHERITSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
hello Sir.
i have a weird problem. as i said, my second topology aims to make a full functional copy of the first one. i mean by installing just the switch, i should get the same functions that were available before with only the trunk cable.
now, published services are available from internet, but local users cannot surf internet.
i confirm that only the trunk cable was replaced by the l2 cisco switch..
thank you for your help
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