Update field to NOW() after data added or changed

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In my ms access table, I have a "last updated" field, which i want updated to NOW() after any fields are added or updated.

I know it's an EVENT but not sure how to enable.  I'd prefer to use an EXPRESSION and not VBA.
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It is the AfterUpdate event


Thank you, but I'm looking for more specifics.  At what level is the update?  Form?  

and what would the expression look like?
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one approach you wish to stay away from, macros following an event.

How are you providing the user with access to make changes?
The form to make changes is how you would achieve this by setting the last updated to now, once the user commits their change and you verify..

Do you have an option to migrate to a database that provide trigger ...
SQL express ......

Yes, if your update is within a form, that is where you can include a change to a field to include the last updated..

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