Emails to Gmail accounts are not getting received from Luminate and Wordpress

J.R. Sitman
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- Autoconfirm emails (purchase receipts, donation receipts) from our Luminate and Wordpress sites not going through to Gmail accounts.
- Marketing emails from our Luminate account not going through to Gmail accounts.

Any ideas how to fix this?   It started 9/6
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What kind of server/hosting account is WordPress running on? Is it using a local SMTP server? There may be mail delivery logs that show an error indicating what the problem is.

Quite often I've seen delivery problems relating to SPF; if you don't know what that is, I can give a brief explanation. If you do know, then can you tell me if it's set up correctly for the domain of the email address used as the From address?

Not sure what Luminate is; can you point me to a link about it?

Have you checked the Spam folder in one or more gmail accounts where emails haven't turned up?
J.R. SitmanIT Director


Sorry, I forgot to close this.  It was an SPF problem.

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