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Coming Soon! I am working on this right now.  I will be back.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAsked:
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Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I know I would just be using a landing page with a search box, banners and text links. Right?
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I have a travel theme called Travel Tours from installed, now.  My website is
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Likely your question hasn't been answered, because it's unclear what you're asking.

1) Coming Soon! I am working on this right now.  I will be back.

No question here...

2) I know I would just be using a landing page with a search box, banners and text links. Right?

No context for this question. Like you've had a long conversation with yourself + you know exactly what you're asking here + we've all missed your internal conversation, so context is missing to clarify exactly what you're asking.

3) "I have a travel theme called Travel Tours from installed, now.  My website is..."

Try stating a problem you're targeting to resolve. State what you've done. State what's failing to occur for you.

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Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I am sorry about the coming soon request. I do not know how to delete questions. Anyway, I am trying to do an affiliate sight.  I just want the customer to click search on the affiliate search engine to go the affiliates website. I cannot find a template that does just that.  I want examples like or  My website is It is an affiliate website. I just need a simple template. Do you know of a free template that I can use that will give me simple website like my examples.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
Basically a landing page with links from the affiliate. I hope you understand what I am saying.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:

This is an affiliate website. The only difference with my affiliate search engines and links is that they go directly to the Advertisers website.  I really do not need alot.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
You would want to create multiple posts (search results) where each post will have  proper categories, tags and content. At least one piece of content (image, "click here") should be wrapped in an <a> tag to where you want to link.  <a href="">Click Here</a>. That is all you need to do.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Your site is then pretty useless I could use google instead of your site. What you should be doing is pulling data from the site(s) you are affiliated with and displaying it and allowing the user to search your site and even do everything except the purchase and then link to the purchase page on the site you are affiliated with.. This is a lot more work but the rewards are a lot better.

From what I've read is that in the hundreds of travel sites on the web the majority are affiliates (either direct or indirect) of two or three major sites.

For instance, trivago,, expedia could all be part of 1 system.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
Yes! @DavidJohnson Most of the travel sites are affiliates all originating from I think (Similar Web).  Private labels!

I am going to work on my website. I want to keep it. I am getting visitors even as I have done no SEO.  The traffic is small but, I know if I complete the SEO I will get more traffic.  The hold up is I am trying to weight the benefits of changing it to a travel website or stating the course with Aliexpress and the Aliplugin. The main problems with doing the Aliexpress would be that I would have to do everything by hand with a thousand products.

I have found and been told that I may have jumped the gun by creating an affiliate website before the blog. And, I am told that I have a lot of waiting to do to all allow the website to season and grow in popularity.

The Aliplugin is useless as it does exactly what you explained.  Aliexpress has stopped issuing the API where the plugin needs it to operate properly.  The website has not warned the customers of this problem.  So, you get the problem that I have where I am using a different Affiliate and using links.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I have the answers that I need. I have moved away from this travel website for now. Thanks for the help and assistance Experts.
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