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Windows 10 won't boot regular, won't boot in Safe Mode, both leading to blank screen.

Windows 10 Pro/Dell Optiplex 990

I screwed up by not leaving well enough alone.

Windows Update would not install so I tried to boot into Safe Mode with the Shift/Restart technique.

That went to a dead screen.  The computer was on but the monitor screen was blank.  So I restarted the computer and logged on.

Then I tried msconfig/safe boot.  Big mistake.

Same thing.  Computer is on but screen is blank.  But since I changed the Boot in msconfig the computer is stuck booting (or better described, NOT BOOTING)  in Safe Mode, ie going to a blank screen.

So now I'm stuck.  I can't reboot, I can't boot to Safe Mode, and I can't get to the bios to set a boot from DVD to use the Image Repair Disc.

Please help!
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