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I have two independent vcenter 6.5 and 5.5 environments

I have DataStore001 to DataStore 007 mapped to a only cluster in 5.5 vcenter currenty for production

6,5 has only also one cluster with two ESXi hosts and no VM yet

DataStores are presented to every node to clusters in 5.5 and 6.5.  

my question is whether I can create an " DataStore Clusters ( manual DRS ) " using the DataStore 001 through 007 on 6.5 so that I can map this DataStore Cluster to the cluster in 6.5 .
Note that these DataStores are already in use as they are mapped to 5.5 . So I am going to configure manual DRS for DataStore Cluster to avoid vmdk replacement.
If I am able to do so, will this have any effect  on cluster in 5.5 in any way

I am not even sure if I can do this from DataStore perspective.

Pleas let me know

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Yes you can. A Datastore Cluster is just a collection of datastores you add to a Datastore Cluster, which is managed by vCenter Server.

and although if you had both in Automatic, both vCenters's would "fight" over the resources. So setting one to manual - is wise.

It's probably not really recommended, and if the datastores would running VMFS versions not compatible with 5.5, ESXi 5.5 hosts would not be able to use the datastores.

So Yes if you want, but not really recommended.

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