adapter tt connects to lightning/Android microUSB that reads SD & output to HDMI

I'm looking for a product that is the combination of the following 2 items:

ie an adapter that could connect to iPhone/iPad's Lightning port or Android's microUSB
& can output to TV HDMI as well.

Can point me to an eBay/Alibaba/Amazon link that has photo & selling that item?
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Peter SidorSystem Support EngineerCommented:
Are you looking for something like this?

For iPhone/iPad:


On eBay:

Or Wireless TV HDMI Adapter (Android/iOS):

I've never used any of those products so I can't recommend you which one is better...
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks, what you hv listed are converters of Lightning/microUsb to Hdmi : I need something that could read SD/microSD card Plus the ability to convert / project out to hdmi
Peter SidorSystem Support EngineerCommented:
Is this closer to what you need?


Another solution whthout phone can be USB Computer Stick pluged into HDMI to read SD card.
Or If the TV/Projector has a USB port you can connect the SD card reader into the USB port and access the files via (smart) TV.
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
yes that's right.

I'm also looking for one where instead of microUSB OTG, it's Lightning OTG
ie for iPad/iPhone use.

Ideally I could source for it in Alibaba for mass selling
Peter SidorSystem Support EngineerCommented:
I have found only one similar item for iPad/iPhone but it's not with the lightning connector (old Apple 30PIN Dock)

There are only separate SD Cart ---> Lightning or Lightning ---> HDMI adapters/converters.

I don't know if something like that already exists. It's probably too complicated for nowadays. But maybe I'm wrong.

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Peter SidorSystem Support EngineerCommented:
Great :) but your adapter doesn't contain HDMI (I was looking only for Lightning with MicroSD/SD and HDMI as you requested).

You can easily find similar adapters without HDMI on eBay 
or Alibaba:

Or something like this and try to use with the adapter for android.
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