Window 7 to Window 10 migration

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Is there any free tool that can migrate profile from Window 7 to Window 10 ? Any additional things that we should be aware of for the migration ?

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If you upgrade in place, the profile will be kept. However, Windows 7 machines are now quite old and often not a good candidate for upgrading.

Better to get new Windows 10 machines when the time comes (Windows 7 machines died) and go that way. That normally means making new User Profiles and that is a good time to clean up old profiles and related issues.

You can try Forensit for migrating profiles if you think it might help you.
I also searched hours and hours for a free tool, but I did not found any. Profile Wiz from forensit was the one we bought and used then.

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This is the manual process, you can also automate it. I have written a .NET profile migration that automates it, perhaps I'll share if the above doesn't work for you

  1. Login with admin user (not one of the users)
  2. Open Regedit
  3. Load hive, browse to original profile, select NTUSER.DAT (not NTUSER.DAT.LOG) and type a name
  4. Open permissions to the name you gave and give new account full control and force inheritance
  5. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. Each key here is associated with a user account on this computer. Go through each key and look at the "ProfileImagePath" string. Find the one that is for the profile you get when logging into original account (usually username.computername)
  6. Change it to original profile path
  7. Open Explorer
  8. Browse to original profile
  9. Open permissions and give new account full control and force inheritance
  10. Restart and log in with your account
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For 1 machine simply boot from the current OS and then start the upgrade process using the download windows 10 media tool.

on a larger scale use microsoft Deployment Tool that is fully explained @

Note: there are 2 different upgrade scenarios, there is using hard link migration (faster) and the save the users data, wipe reload and then restore users data.

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