Powershell MSAccess Database

I'm creating mini database using Microsoft Access with Powershell v5. what I want to do is to get the data from my text box and save that on msAccess Database.
Also I want to get the data from MS Access database and display that using a graph or any output type..

example table columns that I need.
employee_ID, Username, Password, Role

Appreciate if you can help me figure out the code thanks.
Nher moralesPowerShell BeginnerAsked:
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Curious...why use use PS to create Access and what exactly you are after...
Nher moralesPowerShell BeginnerAuthor Commented:
Hi John, thanks for the feedback, actually I'm trying to build a mini username and password project with database where in they have to sign in first before using a tool. I want to have the user to create their own username and password and save it to secure access database.
hoping someone  can help.

user -> create username and password -> save to Ms Access -> able to pull out by power Shell
Thomas UCommented:

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Nher moralesPowerShell BeginnerAuthor Commented:
thanks thomas, I will try to look into the link..
I need to get this done and understand the flow of command
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
wouldn't be better to allow the users to logon to the application as new user...fill the necessary data and you will provide the username/password...probably from the combination of letters of their actual names...
Nher moralesPowerShell BeginnerAuthor Commented:
@John, Yeah! I like your Idea...Sorry I dont know how to put that to codes.. I'm a newbie trying to study powershell

Created simple file: Saving database and it works for me.. But I guess your Idea is way better.

$Db = "sampledb.mdb"
$cursor = 3
$lock = 3

$conn = New-Object -ComObject ADODB.Connection
$recordset = New-Object -ComObject ADODB.Recordset
$conn.Open("Provider=Microsoft.Ace.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=$Db")

$query = "Select * from LoginInfo"

$recordset.Fields.Item("EmpID") = "1"
$recordset.Fields.Item("UserName") = $username_txt.Text
$recordset.Fields.Item("PWord") = $password_txt.Text
$recordset.Fields.Item("EmpRole") = $userrole_combo.SelectedItem

Nher moralesPowerShell BeginnerAuthor Commented:
thanks guys.. but I still have may things to ask if you dont mind..
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