getting access to the admin password since it has been lost

sydneyguy used Ask the Experts™
windows 10 crash problem, i was given a machine to fix for a friend,  i have two users one i can log in the other i do not have the password this is the ADMIN user, i can see the drives and move the data around but cannot run any diagnostics on the machine, short of flattening the machine which was a free upgrade form xp, how can i get around this problem any ideas would be helpful
thanks in advance
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Senior Infrastructure Analyst
You can actually get around this very easily, however since that would in fact constitute hacking and i'm pretty sure goes against EE's guidelines, I, nor anyone else, can assist with this.

The recommendation I can however make is googling Windows 10 password disk linux.


Alex Green
hi alex not really concerned about the hacking part i have a machine that i need to clean up since it was hit by some virus and i do not know the password as the user has lost it and i got stuck with it, i an see all the drives so i have full access its just that when i try and do any thing it asks me for the admin password, short of formatting the hard drive and starting again i want to run some diagnostics on it before i go to this low level
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst
the knoppix disk should work, you can also try the UTILMAN CMD trick

Fact is, you're essentially hacking a machine, not resetting a password. Either way, I've used the utilman trick a few times.

If it's had a virus, flatten the machine, backup what you can and rebuild it. I'd also consider doing a hard wipe using DBAN.
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Try this :

it will provide you a link to the ISO for the password reset CD and also give you instructions on how to use it.

@Alex I agree that it is essentially hacking the machine, but if you search EE you will find numerous instances where this information has already been given out to people.

Good luck and let us know if you need any assistance.

You can also youtube this and you will get a slew of videos showing you the mechanics on how to accomplish this task.
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
Awarded 2017
Distinguished Expert 2018
You can actually get around this very easily
Yes, unless the basic security practice of disk encryption is followed


thanks end of the story the comp has a reset propblem on the mothe board so just loaded up another computer thanks for the help
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

True, if it's encrypted you're screwed.

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