how can I get Amazon Echo (2nd generation) to playback music on voice command?

Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

          I recently purchased an Amazon Echo (2nd generation) and wish to know how to get it to play back music.  From what little I gather, an online membership to a music store is required.  That said, I am hoping to find one which provides a 30 day free trial with subsequent months being a low flat rate membership fee with unlimited playback of music.  The Amazon Echo (2nd generation) is currently connected to our WiFi and working great.  

          In closing, I greatly appreciate any suggestions to online music stores which are compatible with the Amazon Echo along with any step by step guides for setting this up with the music store.  I look forward to reviewing everyone's feedback.

           Thanks again.

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Andrew CeohanSys & Net AdminCommented:
Don't know what services an Echo can connect to but should be available online or using the control app.  That said, Google Music is a great low cost option.
Brandon LyonWeb Developer/DesignerCommented:
Alexa can only natively stream from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. The only "store" you can playback music purchases from is Amazon. There are downloadable skills available for other services such as SiriusXM or Plex. Anything you can't find a skill for or that isn't available natively can be streamed to your Echo from another device via bluetooth, but you'll lose most functionality beyond pause, skip, and volume.

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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

            Thank you for suggestions posted.  At this point, I believe I know the starting point needed to get  Alexa to playback music upon voice command.  Using the link of and logging into my Amazon account, I am able to access what appears to be a control panel.   I was able to get Alexa set up and going by selecting Amazon Echo from the list of devices.  Building upon a possible extension to Andrew's suggestion of using the control application, there should be an area that can be accessed here for adding a native music stream such as Amazon Music or Spotify.  That said, I am wondering if someone could provide step by step procedures for getting this set up through using the link of .  Any easy to follow guide lines for setting this up will be greatly appreciated because I am new or inexperienced with the setup and configuration of Alexa.

              Thanks so much in advance for any additional help rendered to my quest of setting up Amazon Echo so Alexa can playback music upon voice command.

Brandon LyonWeb Developer/DesignerCommented:
This article lists how to setup Alexa for use with the other streaming services. The examples use the mobile app but the interface should be similar if not the same as the website. Note that it mentions uploading songs to Amazon Music which might not be an option anymore.

Here are some sample commands for use when playing music:
Some examples:
(song name) "Play Beethoven Symphony no 5 from Spotify",
(station name) "Play WKSU3 classical from Tune-In",
(artist name)"Play songs by Dvorak",
(station) "Play Frank Sinatra from Pandora".

You can even do fuzzy queries like ""Alexa, play the song that goes 'Look at all the lovely people'" and it will play Eleanor Rigby (assuming you have access to that music).
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Morning Andrew and Brandon,

            Thank you both for taking the time to address my question.  Using Brandon's suggestions in conjunction with his recommended link, I am confident I have enough information to start setting this up.  

            Thanks again for your guidance.

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