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I am sitting here spinning my wheels trying to set up a website that does not request the work of more than one.  Well, I am interested in setting up an affiliate, CPA or income generating website that makes passive income. I have signed up for Clickbank, MaxBounty and Other Affiliates trying to figure out a way to get some passive income. I am failing. Can someone help me with an idea that allows a complete beginner to make money online with the work of just one?  Any ideas will do! Thank you.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAsked:
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Paul JacksonSoftware EngineerCommented:
Sorry but if it was that easy, we would all be doing it.
Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing DirectorCommented:
By my understanding, to make a good passive income in any way does require the generation of unique content in addition to affiliate schemes. When people start to consider that your content is authoritative, it will drive more traffic to your site and may well encourage people using your affiliate links. This is not something that happens overnight and it requires constant effort. I imagine some people get lucky.

The holy grail for any individual is passive income. Generating it is not as easy as many of the passive income gurus suggest and much of their own income comes from persuading people that by following their own passive income strategies will lead to success.

Rather than attempt to gather affiliate income from lots of different sources, perhaps consider what you are interested in yourself. Write about it. Review products. Give people a reason to consider that you are an authority and they will start to follow your recommendations. Not easy, not quick, but probably the best way to succeed, as many people have.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have been pulling my hair out!  I have great ideas but, I have just gotten stuck on every turn. I bought the Aliplugin hoping that it would work. No such luck!  The plugin works on API or a link.  The API is not being released by the Affiliate Aliexpress. And, the link for ePN and Armitad does not go to the order page for the product. I lost $69 dollars.  And, I cannot get a refund, imagine that because the company is not answering my request. I would appreciate any ideas.
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
This type of thing takes a lot of work and does not happen over night. If it was easy, everybody would do it.  The only real winner with affiliate marketing are the affiliate brokers and companies that offer the affiliate.

To make a site that will make money, you have to have good content, lots of it and need to be updated on on a regular basis. Travel is going to be tough because there are already a lot of people in it that create search's with results using an api that everybody uses. In other words, you and hundreds or thousands of others have search results with the same content.

What you would need to do is focus on one niche and be the best at it. Even then you will need to spend money on your own to market your site to get enough visitors to eventually click on your affiliate links.   If you make $1 for every click, you just want to make sure you do not spend more than that $1 to get somebody to click.  You may find it takes 100 visitors to click (wild guess).  Especially at first, most visitors are going to come from advertising be it "traditional" or PPC.   With this scenario, you have to make sure you are spending less than 1 cent for each person to come to your site in order to make money.  

You can't have bad content though. If you do not have great content, you could end up paying people to come to your site and they will never click.  Read through some of the help files on Google Adsense  You will see they talk about how good content increases the amount of money you make  This is true for adsense or affiliate marketing.

Pick a topic that you have passion like guided adventure tours or wild beaches. Just stay focused on that topic and be the best in that category and be prepared to do a lot of work.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
@Martyn I am slowly finding out that this is going to be a long and winding road.  I am listening to all of these get rich schemes and finding that most are scams to sell a product or an affiliate link. I, even, got scammed on Fiverr where the gig was selling Affiliate links and a Clickfunnel product.  I see why Clickfunnels is making so much money.  I just want a solo gig where I can make a little money or maybe a lot of money.  lol
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Right now, buying from aliexpress and reselling on your own site or the likes of amazon may be saturated at this point. I know people that are doing this now and they spend a lot of money on PPC for their own site and using amazon. Some of them have already rode that wave and are moving on.  

If something appears to be easy like using an api to serve affiliate links or buying low/selling high and drop shipping without having to buy inventory, it probably is not going to be easy to make money, just easy to implement.

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Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I agree! @ScottFell Plugins are easy to implement.  I have just over a hundred visitors in two weeks where the plugin is failing.  The website was easy to apply and setup in Wordpress but defective in the end.  As for the PPC, I tried the Clickbank thing, also.  I am losing money.  People are clicking my Ad but no buys.  I really like the wild Beaches thing.  I was born near Myrtle Beach, SC.  I love going to Beaches. I have the Affiliate links to the Advertisers.  I will start from scratch staring with the content.  Thanks so much.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
My own experience with a site that had 100K monthly visitors was using Google Adsense made more money than using affiliate links.  I tried the experiment for about 2 months and stopped because I lost revenue and thankfully I didn't completely switch. I think where an affiliate will work is when it is more private (not found on  clickbank or cj).  

You do need scale to make any of this work.  With 100K unique vistors, I probably made $300 to $600 a month gross. Another site that had only 10K monthly visitors made nothing. It is not a straight line scale from my own experience. You do need to have many users or it is like spitting in the wind as you found out.

Good luck!
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
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