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Jacob Durham
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I have a Windows Server 2008 Terminal server that is deleting user's favorite's folder with folder direction.

Redirection applies successfully for all folders, however, the favorites folders are the only one where all files/folders are deleted/replace.

This on Server 2008  R1.

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I had something similar happen...odd bug that can come back to bite you.  This site has a pretty good writeup on it:

Basically, if you change an existing folder redirection GPO such that the path changes, but folders to be redirected are ALREADY where the GPO thinks they should go, but with a slightly different path, the GPO causes the server to "copy" the files to the NEW path (which is really the same as the old), then "delete" the files from the old path (which is really the same as the new).  Hence, the files get copied on top of themselves, then deleted.  

I had the same thing happen with some users My Documents folders.  In my case, the path changed from \\DOMAIN\Share to \\SERVER\Share after I eliminated some DFS Links, but the two paths pointed to the same location.

If that is, in fact, what is happening to you, the fix (as described in the link above) is to ENABLE  "Verify old and new Folder Redirection targets point to the same share before redirecting" (Under Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, File Explorer).
chirkwareSystems Administrator

One thing to be careful of:  The fix involves a change in a COMPUTER Configuration, whereas your folder redirection happens with a USER Configuration, so you will need to apply this as a separate policy to the OU containing your Terminal server to enable the fix.

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