how to form a dynamic string array using java

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Hi Experts,
how to form a dynamic string array from the below inputs

String countries="sg,sk,hk,ke" //this string having country names dynamically
countries max will be five and min will be one value separated with comma(,)

i have to form dynamic string array based on above countries
user can choose any country but max will be 5 countries min 1 country
country values are dynacmic

how to form dynamic string array

new String[] {"sheet one"+ "sg" , "sheet two" + "sk","sheet three" + "hk","sheet four" + "ke","sheet five" + "ug","summary"}
new String[] {"sheet one"+ "sg" , "sheet two" + "sk","sheet three" + "hk","sheet four" + "ke","summary"}
new String[] {"sheet one"+ "sg" , "sheet two" + "sk","sheet three" + "hk","summary"}
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will give you String[] dynamically


hi cehj,
I have to add sheet names as well
 if the user choosen 3 countries

sheetname2+country name

here sheet names I am adding based on no of countries choosen
at the end summary(constant) I have to add.

the only input I will get is country names.
sheet names,summary I have to add along with country names.
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Well, you can iterate the array and do what you want with it
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      Map<Integer, String> numbers = new HashMap<>();
      numbers.put(1, "one");
      numbers.put(2, "two");
      numbers.put(3, "three");
      numbers.put(4, "four");
      numbers.put(5, "five");
      numbers.put(6, "six");
      numbers.put(7, "seven");
      numbers.put(8, "eight");
      numbers.put(9, "nine");
      numbers.put(10, "ten");
      String countries = "sg,sk,hk,ke";
      String[] countryNames = countries.split(",");
      String[] results = new String[countryNames.length + 1];
      for (int index = 0; index < countryNames.length; index++)
         results[index] = "sheet " + numbers.get(index + 1) + ": " + countryNames[index];
      results[countryNames.length] = "summary";

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