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Drop down issues in Windows 7

Here's a fun one!  This user reported no issues but space prior to us replacing the hard drive with a larger one. During the install of Windows 7 updates I saw the drop down flicker, it's like it gets stuck opening the drop down and it flips open/shut over and over and nothing can be selected, you also can't click anything on that screen.  I finished the updates and it went away, I chalked it up to a bad update along the way.  The user had the system for about 3 weeks and this started again.  I thought perhaps there was an issue with the OS install so I began again.  This time the drop down mambo started when selecting the timezone, it's pretty much impossible to do anything with any window that has a drop down.  Its a laptop so I have tried to put the display on an external monitor, same issue.  I have run every PC Doctor scan and it passes everything except a Video Memory Check that says it was "cancelled".  Has anyone seen this or have a resolution?  Thank you!
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Its a laptop so I have tried to put the display on an external monitor, same issue.

Update the BIOS (needed in 2018) followed by the Chipset driver. When it restarts from these updates, update the video driver, then run Windows Updates (some may follow the BIOS update).

Finally, restart and test.
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Thank you, John!  I'm going to try that here momentarily, I'll update you!
What is the brand/model of the laptop?  

Perhaps it is potentially a hardware issue?  A sticky key on the keyboard?  or the touchpad mouse click buttons could be sticking?

Just some other lines of thought.
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try with an external keyboard - and other mouse also !
can you start in safe mode?
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