Weird Connectivity Problem

Odd issue with Teacher laptop:

I have a Lenovo E570 laptop that will connect to our secure network but will not get an IP address (it gets an APIPA) in the teacher's classroom.  When you walk around the corner, it connects just fine.  The students can connect without issue while in the classroom but they are using Lenovo 11e Chromebooks.  Another teacher says she has trouble with internet on her device when she goes into that room also.  I reset the network adapter on her computer.  I deleted the driver and added it back.  I entered a static address and made a reservation for it.  She still can't connect when she connects the first time in the room.  However, if I take the device walk out of the room about ten feet it will connect and will stay connected (and she is connected to that WAP in her room where it works fine then).  If I disconnect and reconnect in the room though, it doesn't work.  I'm at a loss.  I've looked at the port for the AP and it has the appropriate VLANs.  The students connect to the same secure network anyway so I don't know why they would have no problem while she can't get an address.  Anyone seen a problem like this?
Earl WhittemoreAsked:
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Are you seeing interference related issues? Check how things look when she is in the problem area. Do a bit of a site survey.
Robert RComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
does the teacher's laptop work fine when connected out side of this classroom. Maybe it is some type of interference when the laptop is place in a certain spot like on the podium..   Try another similar laptop in the same spot that the teacher's laptop is placed see if they have problems connecting.
you may delete any other WIFI connection stored at the laptop which might become first choice when trying to automatically connect in the class room. type 'WIFI connect' at the start button and select 'connect with ...' to get the list of available (and stored) connections. the wrong connection could be - for example - a hotspot provided by someone in the room (or by your own cell). it also could be some connection where you only have a weak signal but which was checked for automatic connection. by deleting all possible wrong entries and choosing the right router or access point from the list (and check the 'automatic' flag) you may be able to solve the issue.

Earl WhittemoreAuthor Commented:
I wound up swapping the AP from that classroom with another one and the problem has gone away (for now at least). Thank you to all of you.

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