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I need to delete a large 400GB .BAK file that was a database backup on WIndows 2012r2 but get error 0x80070570

A database admin came to me today trying to delete one of her .bak files. She cannot can continues to get error 0x80070570 the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable. I have googled around and this happens on desktops a lot and the fix it to run a check disk and probably reboot. This is an active SQL server and I do not have the luxury of just rebooting. Does anyone know of another way out of this? I do not think it is related but I did notice the .BAK files are set up use Notepad as their default application which I know is not the default. I do not see a simple way to change that back to what I think is no app at all. Any insight on that would help too. We are running Windows 2012r2...thanks
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