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Jacob Durham
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I need to create a script that search for an existing AD user using first and last name. If it finds a user with the matching name, then I'd like to set-aduser with an updated department, division, and title.

Also I'd like to set the user to report to a Supervisor if the name exists in AD.

I know this is will look something like

userbase = import-csv c:\userbase.csv

foreach-object ($user in $userbase)

if {get-aduser -identity $user.firstname+$user.lastname | set-ad-aduser -department $user.department -division $user.division -title $user.title -manager {get-aduser $user.reportsto}

else {write-host ""$user.first + $user.lastname" was not found."}

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But I'm not sure how to parse the information from the CSV. This CSV is in the below format.

Any help it appreciated.

Business Unit               Reports To Name               First Name      Last Name      Title           DEPARTMENT
Technical Support       Hunt, Mike                      Peter              Little               Helpdesk    Technology Services
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I would use ;
Business Unit;ReportsToName;First Name;Last Name; Title; DEPARTMENT
Technical Support;    Hunt, Mike; Peter; Little;  Helpdesk; Technology Services

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like this:
Import-Csv .\userbase.csv -Delimiter ';' | %{

    $DisplayName = $($_.'First Name' + $_.'Last Name')
        Get-AdUser -identity $DisplayName | Set-ADUser -Department $_.department -Division $_.'Business Unit' -Title $_.title -manager {get-aduser $_.ReportsToName}
        write-host ""$user.first + $user.lastname" was not found."

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That’s the ticket.

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