Part# for Toyota Sienta 1.5L hybrid 2015

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I'm opening a repeat question to get the correct part# of iridium spark plug
for my Toyota Sienta (not Sienna) 1.5L 2015 make, 1.5L 1NZ-FXE I4 hybrid : 

it's the 2nd gen.

Will need an eBay link to buy it;  last best attempts are either
FK20HR11 or  SK16R11
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

Your local NAPA, Advanced, Carquest or O'Reilly auto parts store should be able to determine those part numbers from several manufacturers or plugs.

When I went to Bosch's website to look up that car for Iridium Spark plugs, it does not show that car as an option.

Scroll to the bottom to enter car information.  If you have the VIN, you can get direct info, otherwise it is by year, make and  model.

Are you sure this car is meant to use Iridium Spark Plugs?

That said, have a look at this site, it lists your vehicle, but I do not know which model:

Edit: (Oh, I see this is not a US vehicle. That explains the problem.)

And is this your part?


Thanks Owen;  right, my car is not used in the US.
It's parallel import direct from Japan & the manual that comes
with it is completely in Japanese which I don't understand.

Based on the link you posted above,
  it's  TOYOTA ::  SIENTA ::  NCP81G 2WD
though from the Wikipedia link above,
  it's 1.5L 1NZ-FXE I4 hybrid  Year 2015

Saw your megazip link but I still have doubt.  So is the part in
the megazip link referring to one of the parts in the 2 links below?:
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I see your confusion. When I use my second link and follow the car closest to yours, I get this one: which seems to indicate a part number of 90919-01243 also known as an FK16HR11which would seem to be this on ebay:

So yea, it is a bit confusing indeed, and I am just going by searching. But if you go to the link above and scroll down the page to where it says :
IT IS FIT FOR TOYOTA, and then scroll down a bit more, this says: TOYOTA SIENTA (NCP8#) [JP]

That is a big clue.

Good luck.


So looks like the part# SK16R11 & SK16HR11  are not the same (with the extra "H") ?
The eBay item for the item with the extra "H" is about double the price of the item
without "H"

The one I found had the H.  I tried to find the main difference but the data on these parts is fairly slim.

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