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I have a project that I am trying to get funding. if anyone here has tried in the past, please share some information for me to get start it. thanks
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Use something like gofundme or go for corporate funding, if you can get a company to fund your project they would get a cut.
Depending upon your niche ,I would look for angel investment organizations in your area.
Just Google angel investment


very helpful. thanks does it have anything need to be prepared in high level like uml, flowchart and etc? I just don't know how much thing I need to prepqre
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Most vc funding  will put you through a process of due diligence and if you pass the mustard ,you will get to present to membership.
You will need things like a business plan and profitability study before they give you any cash.
Most places are looking for a return on investment in a 3 to 5 year window.


any one knows there is any example, toolkit or template of processing the preparation? on the money side, I can hire consultant to help me but on the tech side I need something to start initially. thanks
Here's a company I consult for.
They have a template you can look at as to what you need to do to apply for funding.
They are biotech,but it's pretty much the same across the board for other startups.


it requires login n password ?
You can create a login ,but unless your project is biotech and device related ,you won't get funding.

I'm just giving you an idea of what folks are going to look for when you go out and look for VC funding.

You might be better off here if we're talking straight tech.

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