I have the below program. Can somebody point out why the content of parmArray in function "doCalc"  changes whle
no operation is being performed on it.

I have been pulling my hair on this issue for about 2 days now.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

<cfset aAr1 = arrayNew(1)>
<cfset s = structNew()>
<cfset = 'xx'>
<cfset s.interest = '250'>
<cfset aAr1[1] = s>
<cfset s = structNew()>
<cfset = 'yy'>
<cfset s.interest = '300'>
<cfset aAr1[2] = s>
<cfset s = structNew()>
<cfset = 'zz'>
<cfset s.interest = '350'>
<cfset aAr1[3] = s>

<cfinvoke   method="doCalc" returnvariable="aResult1">
    <cfinvokeargument name="parmArray"  value="#aAr1#">

<cffunction name="doCalc" returntype ="array">
    <cfargument name="parmArray" required="true" type="array">

      <cfdump var = "#parmArray#" label="before">
      <cfset LOCAL.aAr2 = parmArray>
      <cfloop index="LOCAL.nIDX" from="1" to="#arrayLen(LOCAL.aAr2)#" >
            <cfset LOCAL.aAr2[LOCAL.nidx].date = LOCAL.nIdx>

      <cfdump var = "#parmArray#" label="after">      
    <cfreturn LOCAL.aAr2>
Errol FarroAsked:
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<cfset LOCAL.aAr2 = parmArray>

  This is creating a reference to the same structure.

  You can copy the structure using  structCopy or just create the copy while looping through, otherwise, it is just a pointer to the same structure

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Errol FarroAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the pointer. It worked !!!!!!!!
Keep in mind structCopy does a shallow copy.  Meaning any complex objects within the array will still be a "reference" to the original. If the result should be a completely separate copy, use duplicate() instead.
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