RAID -foreign configuration


I’ve had two PC’s have an issue where I get the error
From the RAID controller:

RAID -foreign configuration found all drives lost.

The 1st time, not being familiar with the error. I gave the user a new PC, thinking the HD failed.

The 2nd time, I imported the foreign configuration and all seems well.

So my basic question is, does the error:

RAID -foreign configuration found-all drives gone

Mean the drives or controller is failing or unreliable or something else?

Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
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Well,there can be a number of issues.
If you have large SATA drives that use a hardware based RAID ,they must be either NAS  grade or enterprise as there is a feature called TLR that needs to be turned on in order for the controller to verify that a drive is working.

Basically the difference between enterprise and desktop drives is if there is a read or write error on a drive ,the desktop drive will try to recover the sector for up to 15 or 20 seconds.
On a HW RAID  controller ,it is set to timeout after 7 seconds if a drive doesn't respond and flags it as bad.

So step one is are using using the correct drives?
andyalderStorage OwnerCommented:
Why won't you tell us what RAID controller it is?
GST-GRIDTECHAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your reply.

I'm not very familiar with RAD

I'm not sure why it's here other then someone's attempt to get faster HD, as there's only one drive.

As for if it's the right drive, I have no idea.
It is a Dell branded SAS, 6Gbps Hitachi drive.

The controller is a PERC H 310

And this is how we brought them from Dell, before my arrival here.

The machine warranty expired 3/2016

So I'm trying to figure out is the HD or controller is failing or what could have caused it to work one day and the next day after a reboot to give the errorStated above

Thank you
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GST-GRIDTECHAuthor Commented:
I'm basically trying to figure out if I need to trash this pc or  since I was able to get it working after having
Imported the "foreign configuration" if the error was just a fluke or if some component is failing
RAID controller

Thanks for your insight
andyalderStorage OwnerCommented:
It's very rare for these controllers to forget their configuration, that it happened to two machines at about the same time makes me suspect that someone swapped the disks between them. You can check the controller log to confirm if that is right.

BTW, since you can't use OMSA to get the eventlog you will have to use PERCCLI, I think the format is perccli /c0 show events file=C:\percevents.txt .

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GST-GRIDTECHAuthor Commented:
Was able to download and run Perccli utility

System has been ok.
Log shows error on PD, state change to fail
A few reboots
Config missing
Foreign config
Predictive failure PD

And there have been many predictive failure entries

So I have the info I need

This pc is trash

Or st least the HD

Thank you
GST-GRIDTECHAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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