Outlook reminders dismisses synchronization between 2 PCs

Hello all!
I wanted to ask about Outlook reminders dismisses. Should they be synchronized between 2 PCs?
Our use case:
Mailserver - Exchange 2016
Desktop and laptop with Win10 + MS Office 2016 on it.
User mostly working on his desktop. And when he click "Dismiss" for some reminder, it seems like this status doesn't sync to his laptop. So when he opens Outlook on the laptop after some time he can see several dozens of active reminders in it while there are only a couple on the desktop.

I tried to google about but I didn't find the exact answer if this is a bug or not.
Andriy MudrenkoSystem EngeneerAsked:
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There is not such thing as "synchronization" of dismissed reminders. If you dismiss a reminder from one device, when you connect from another device the reminder will pop-up. To avoid this you will need to delete the reminder, or mark the task as done, or set the reminder to none. This is not a bug, this is a feature :). And I am not ironic, it's realy a feature. When you dismiss a reminder from a device, that device forgets about the reminder, but the reminder is still active in the server account, so the other devices will pop-up the window.

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Andriy MudrenkoSystem EngeneerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for the explanation! )
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