Step-by-step instructions for implementing Okta

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Please provide me with step-by-step instructions for implementing Okta in a Server 2016 environment.
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Did you try asking the company that sells it  (or owns it)?

1st time ever I read about that software.

Here is something in the section: AD/LDAP Integration & Management on

Now I'm not sure if you need an ADFS or not.
Edwin HofferTechnical Expert
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You have to contact Okta team, here the Okta support page link:

Only Okta guys can help you.
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it depends on what you want to achieve

If you only need to integrate with AD, then install the OKTA AD agent on any servers

If you want to do password sync from AD to OKTA, then read this; it need to install on all Domain controller to capture the password.

IF you want to do IWA seamless sign on (very rare case) then do this


Technically, i will only do the first part which is minimum.

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