I cannot get a drive or UNC path to map between two Windows 2008r2 servers but they map anywhere else in the network and all other servers can map to them.

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I have 2 windows 2008r2 servers on a windows 2012r2 domain. For an application to run on ServerA a path must be mapped to ServerB such as \\ServerB\Folder\Folder2
The App stopped working today and I can no longer map the path even manually by using UNC path. I tried to manually map a drive letter just as a test but I cannot map anything from ServerA to ServerB. They can PING each other. ServerA can map to any other server in our network. ServerB can map to ServerA. I tried mapping from ServerA to ServerB by IP address but the connection still gets rejected. If I do a NET USE on ServerA I do not see a connection. I have tried rebooting ServerA several times without success. I cannot reboot ServerB at this time. I am running out of ideas. I tried a NETSTAT on ServerB and do not see any incoming connection from ServerA. i am running out of ideas....oh yes I did a FlushDNS on both....any other suggestions? This has worked for years and it only seems to be from ServerA to ServerB....I talked to our network team and no ports were blocked or firewall changes today
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I believe you will find the issue in your Windows Firewall Configuration..

Please check your "File and Print Sharing" settings and compare the two servers.

Specifically, check the "Echo Request" sections

Please enable this for both inbound and outbound requests. IPV4 and IPV6
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Try checking the IP settings. Make sure that IPv4 is preferred over IPv6. However, do not unbind IPv6 from the NIC.
DonNetwork Administrator

On server B have you tried taskmgr and restarting explorer.exe ??
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if you do a
net use *  \\ServerB\Folder\Folder2
net use z:  \\ServerB\Folder\Folder2 (assuming drive Z: is free)
do you get a 53 error?

You did not say whether or not these machines are in a workgroup or a domain. Guessing workgroup


on the net use attempt, I got error 67  network not found....I tried telneting using port 445 and it would not connect. I notified our network team. The port might be blocked
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I notified our network team. The port might be blocked
Check Windows Firewall as per the first comment. This is the OS, not networks. Check file and print rule, not echo request. Echo request is working otherwise you would not be able to ping

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