A Remote Desktop Services Deployment does not exist in the server pool.

I have a Server 2012 R2 Guest Machine, A Domain Controller that is a guest as well. It is a production environment and has been running well since 2012. Recently we received a new public IP address and had to make some adjustments to the server:

New SSL cert applied after the change.
Made sure no IPv6 is running. with the new router/switch.

Everything is working. httsp://access.somedumbdomain.com/rdweb works, all offices can connect. 5 off site locations can connect.

A vendor needs to update his software for the client, we login and to manage rdweb services though the server manager and we discover the A remote desktop services deployment does not exist in the server pool.

I have googled every error in the error logs, tried ever thing in for the words A remote desktop services deployment does not exist in the server pool.

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
That almost always meana that the server with the connection broker role has not been added to server manager.

Keep in mind that Server Manager can manage remote machines as well as the local machine it is installed on. Especially for RDS, thus is important as it WON'T add remote RDS servers to its interface on its own. So if you don't add the RDCB so it knows about it, that error pops.

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Member_2_6452845Author Commented:
It is and has been.... I did have to remove it from the domain and rejoin should I remove it from the server manager and add it back?
On the host where RDWeb role is installed, check the settings for the rdweb. I suppose that RDweb points to the old public IP, or something like that
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Yes, you will probably have to remove and re-add it to server manager. AD creates a new account when you remove and rejoin. Even if the machine has the same name. Internally server manager doesn't know that it needs to connect to a new computer account.
Member_2_6452845Author Commented:
The server only provides the service on the local ip, not a public. The fire wall directs all rdweb to be answered by the interior ip and we put in a new firewall so lingering bad public ip address.
Member_2_6452845Author Commented:
The domain controller has the access server on its all server list, and the access has the domain controller on its all server lists. Is this an improper configuration. I have removed them both and will now commit a restart.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
If by  list" you mean in server manager that is per user profile. It isn't a configuration that persists when a user isn't logged in. While I'd wonder why an admin is logging into each machine and running server manager instead of using an admin station, I wouldn't call it "wrong." It just highlights some other security concerns against usage best practices that should be cleaned up.
Member_2_6452845Author Commented:
Sooo... you lead me to a place to fix it. I removed and re-added the access server to the server manager in the domain I get a warning that says please verify winRM is running. Few strokes later I am at the following command: winrm quickconfig and boom done and I can get to collections.
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