Steps to integrate onsite Exchange 2016 server with Office 365

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I am setting up my organization's email (with Office 365 and an onsite Exchange 2016 server) in a hybrid environment.

Exchange 2016 has been successfully installed and activated on a Server 2016 Hyper-V virtual server.

Now what steps do I need to follow to integrate this onsite Exchange server with Office 365?
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This is more like a project

1st you need a O365 subscription.
Then exchange 2016 should be up to date, make sure that on your AD all the UPN are uniques and match the public domain.

Add the public domain into O365.
Use the AD Sinc to synchronize the users on-prem with the O365.
Download and install the hybrid tool on the exchange server.

And post-migration steps (check the UPNs) the replication time and make sure that it's all flowing good.

This is a High step drawing of what you need to do.
Of course, there are other different kinds of decisions (in case you want to use ADFS) or Centralized Mail.
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I already have the Office 365 domain setup and it is what is currently providing email to my organization.

Does anyone know of any online resources or step-by-step instructions that explain how to do this sort of integration?
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You could also check out this article on creating a hybrid environment:
Exchange/Office 365 Hybrid Configuration Wizard – step by step guide
It shows a step  by step guide on how to use Hybrid Configuration wizard and troubleshoot potential problems.

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