How to filter contacts stop them to sync with Azure AD Connect?

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After reading few articles I learn that we can avoid user or group to sync with O365 by Azure AD Connect. The way is just to add in AD attribute "AdminDescription" the value: User_ or Group_

Is there a similar value for contact?

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Did you try to use the Contact_ ?
Does it have that property "AdminDescription"  the contacts object? (so you can set it)
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There are several methods to exclude objects from the sync scope, all of them are detailed here:

The attribute-based filtering is the most robust one, as it allows you to configure rules for practically any attribute. The "admindescription" value that you reference above is just an example you've probably gotten from some blog article, and without knowing the exact rule we cannot tell you whether it will work for contacts. There are however multiple examples in the article I linked above, so review them and configure a rule that works best for your case.



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