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Step by Step Guide to migrating Exchange 2010 from SBS 2011 to Windows Server 2016

I need a Step by Step Guide to migrating Exchange 2010 from Windows SBS 2011 to new hardware running Windows Server 2016 (DC).  I am not terribly familiar with the Exchange Powershell system so need to know how to do this via the Management Console if possible.  The existing Windows SBS 2011 server (DC) will remain in service but only for a short time as hardware is well past its sell buy date.  Many thanks
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You should install a newer standalone exchange on a different  win 2016 (do not mix dc and exchange), set up cohexistence  then move the mailbox over, or move the whole SBS to new hw.
This guide does Exchange 2010 to 2016:

The only thing to watch for on SBS is that once you move the FSMO roles on the DC side it will go against it's license and start shutting down hourly so ensure the roles are the last thing to move before the server is decommissioned.

Exchange is a bit trickier to remove from SBS as effectively it's part of the license (so MS won't support it with Exchange removed). This may help with getting rid of it:
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Thanks guys.  After reading several reviews of Exchange 2016 I am still unsure whether to go there or whether to just migrate Exchange 2010 as it is to the new Windows 2016 server using Exchange 2010.  We are a very small business and there is no great urgency to go cloud based for the time being.  So keeping it simple is what I aim to do.
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After you migrate from SBS to windows 2012/2016 I. E.  Exchange 2016. Then decommissioning exchange from sbs will result in and console crashing issue.

Remember to stop and disable exchange services once migration is done. If you are sure that you would not be using and then you can proceeded with exchange decommissioning.
Also exchange 2016 requires you to have third party multi SAN certificate with autodiscover entry in SAN and a host A record for in public dns pointing to exchange server public IP.

This is because of outlook 2016 only connects using autodiscover.

You can have a single SAN cert with srv record, but only drawback is your IPhone devices will not connect.
Can you clarify what it is you are migrating from and to?
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Hi Glen,

I have 2 servers one running Windows SBS 2011 with Exchange 2010 installed.  This server is eventually going to be decommissioned but still sites as a DC for the time being.  The second server is running Windows 2016 and I want to migrate my Exchange 2010 from the SBS 2011 server to my new 2016 server.