emails are not getting delivered from crm system to smtp server

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Dear Experts

We have configure CRM application system running on windows server R2, configure the application for outbound and inbound in the email settings section of application  but mails are not getting delivered from CRM system to SMTP server , log report attached, from the OS level when done telnet able to communicate to the mail server, can you please suggest where we might be going wrong and help us to fix this.
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The error
Tue Sep 11 22:06:18 2018 [21777][1][FATAL] SMTP -> ERROR: Connection: Failed to connect to server.. Reply: 2 Code: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to (Connection refused)

in your log supports the conclusion that the mail account is failing it's connection attempt to the mail server.

This could be due to several reasons.

  • Authentication
  • Firewall Changes.. etc

I would suggest running a manual SMTP test from the command prompt using an application like smtpdiag which can be downloaded from here

you can also test manually using the following telnet commands :

Open a Command Prompt window, type telnet, and then press Enter.
This command opens the Telnet session.
Type set localecho, and then press Enter.
This optional command lets you view the characters as you type them, and it might be required for some SMTP servers.
Type set logfile <filename>, and then press Enter.
This optional command enables logging and specifies the log file for the Telnet session. If you only specify a file name, the log file is located in the current folder. If you specify a path and file name, the path needs to be on the local computer, and you might need to enter the path and file name in the Windows DOS 8.3 format (short name with no spaces). The path needs to exist, but the log file is created automatically.
Type OPEN 25, and then press Enter.
Type EHLO, and then press Enter.
Type MAIL, and then press Enter.
Type RCPT NOTIFY=success,failure, and then press Enter.
The optional NOTIFY command specifies the particular delivery status notification (DSN) messages (also known as bounce messages, nondelivery reports, or NDRs) that the SMTP is required to provide. In this example, you're requesting a DSN message for successful or failed message delivery.
Type DATA, and then press Enter.
Type Subject: Test from Contoso, and then press Enter.
Press Enter again.
A blank line is needed between the Subject: field and the message body.
Type This is a test message, and then press Enter.
Type a period ( . ), and then press Enter.
To disconnect from the SMTP server, type QUIT, and then press Enter.
To close the Telnet session, type quit, and then press Enter.
Here's what a successful session using the steps above looks like:


thanks for the reply,
1. did check from the OS though telnet it works perfectly with server and port details , did follow the link provided by you i,e test-smtp-with-telnet from Microsoft.
2. configured email account in the CRM system with SMTP mail server.
check marked "use SMTP Authentication".
provided user name and password
RESULT: is not able to send mail following popup from the CRM system
"Error Failed to connect to outbound SMTP Mail Server. The outbound mail server selected for the mail account you are using is invalid check the settings OR select different mail server"
1.   through the telnet mail can be sent and received but here noted there is no "Authentication process" involved
2. also when unchecked the "Use SMTP Authentication" that is disabled the SMTP Authentication then able to send mail out.
please let me know can I come to conclusion the issue the with the email account provided /configured does not get authenticated with SMTP server therefore this account not able to deliver email.

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