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Event ID 18456 in event viewer and error in application when trying to import database from .bak

PDIS asked
Last Modified: 2019-03-14
I have an application that I'm trying to import a database from backup through the application itself.  I received the following error in the application, USER must a SQL Server Administrator to use this screen.  I have tried this while logged into the computer as two different users both have the sysadmin Server Role in SQL and both have db_ddladmin and db_owner permissions in user mappings to the necessary databases.  When I looked in the event log, I have the following error.  Event ID:  18456 from source MSSQLSERVER.  This error populates in the event viewer as soon as I try to import the database from backup.  I looked in the SQL logs, I have Error 18456, Severity 14, State: 11 logged at the same time.
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lcohanDatabase Analyst

"import a database from backup through the application itself." - what IS the actual login that the application uses to "import a database from backup". you need to figure that out first and make sure that the "application login" running the code that does the "import a database from backup " has actually sufficient rights in that particular SQL Server to do so.
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