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UNLIMITED Data OR Hotspot Allowance / Which one ??? Please !

Hello Community Members...

I have several mobile devices ONE is a 10.1" screen with SIM enabled (Like an iPad lol) so can get net on SIM

Now this is UNLIMITED data

If I played / streamed music on My mobile phone would have to use hotspot which the 10.1" provides RIGHT

But would use My allowance of hotspot

If played music from the "SIM enabled device" and hot spotted the mobile phone for data

Would that be UNLIMITED DATA from the 10.1" BUT keep within My hotspot limit for My mobile phone


Both mobile devices using the hotspot allowance ??

All help VALUED with My current question

Best Ever

Paul M
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Hello ITguy565 and ALL Community Members...

Yes ! Thank you for your response

May I apologize for My delay in reply

So if I got you CORRECTLY all equal K but WOULD HAVE TO ASK 3G (My Mobile Phone Operator) just to be sure

As said NOT ONE ANSWER answers all


Paul M
Yes ! Expert
Thank you ! SO MUCH